The Aderet Group distributes Israeli designed or manufactured goods to consumers and retailers throughout North America and worldwide. With offices in Israel and New York and a warehouse in New Jersey, we represent some of Israel’s leading manufacturers in a range of business sectors including cosmetics, lifestyle, baby, toy and pet.

Aderet’s Customers

Our customers include some of the biggest retailers in the USA as well as boutique stores across the country. We also sell online across multiple channels including Amazon, eBay,, Zulily, Hautelook, Wayfair, MySale and Rakuten.


We ship by sea or air from our suppliers in Israel and China, dealing with all logistics and import procedures. Our supplies only have to make the goods ready at the gates of the factory. When the goods reach our warehouse they are unpacked and either sent out to customers who pre-ordered goods or put into stock. Our warehouse has facilities in California and New Jersey allowing us to automatically assign shipping according to lowest cost rates. Our superb warehouse team:

  • Ensure that any online orders received before 2pm are sent out the same day.
  • Prepare bulk store orders by building them on pallets and delivering them on time with all the correct labeling and paperwork.
Aderet sells on Amazon

We are experienced Amazon sellers and have multiple brand ownership that allows us to take advantage of Amazon’s enhanced brand content and analytics. We have a range of research and reporting tools that we use on a daily basis and use automatic repricing, automatic feedback requests and keyword optimization.

While we send inventory to FBA regularly, we also participate in SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) allowing us to appear as Prime sellers while keeping the inventory in our own warehouse. For higher value items, it means we do not have to split our inventory and can make it available on multiple channels.

Aderet sells on Walmart

Walmart is snapping at the heels of Amazon and while they have a long way to go to match Amazon’s might, they are putting up a good fight. Anyone who sells on Amazon should also be selling on and we offer all our products on both of these channels. We also make use of Walmart’s fulfillment service in order to participate in Walmart’s free shipping offering and get higher ranking on their site.

Given the competition between Amazon and Walmart, it is vital that pricing be synchronized between the two sites so that the Buy Box is always maintained. We use a range of tools to try and ensure that our products are optimized on both sites.

Etsy is a fantastic channel for us to showcase a number of Israeli designers and their products. Selling on Etsy requires knowledge and experience of their platform, their promotional options and their extremely complex fee structure. We offer many products on Etsy and are growing there with our brands.

Aderet Sells on Newegg

Newegg is thought of as a sales channel for tech however we have found their platform useful for a number of our brands including lifestyle and toys. Newegg is a recognized brand and invest heavily in promotion on multiple channels so its a good place to be seen.

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