Project Description

Cleanlife: Turning rags into riches

Cleanlife products are made by inventively recycling and “up-cycling” textiles that would otherwise be discarded. We like to call this “Textile Recreation”. First, we re-create – transforming textile waste or virgin materials into new, unexpected, functional products. Next comes the recreation part – providing our customers with products, designed for fun, leisure and pleasure.

Even the most tedious of chores can be made fun with our large selection of cleaning cloths. Boldly colored, uniquely textured, pleasant to the touch and made from recycled or virgin materials. Our cleaning products are designed for durability, functionality and are always user-friendly.

  • Eco-Line or Microfiber
  • Floor Cloths and Cleaning cloths, Automotive or DIY products
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Why waste good waste? When we put our upcycling skills to work, we discover the greatest of products. Ofertex has developed home textile products emerging from the recycling of textile materials into unique high-end, classic or contemporary items or accessories. Our wide range, which is constantly renewed, includes furniture items, rugs, and more.

Our collection of home textiles includes floor rugs designed for a warm indoor experience. We make patterned rugs and mats, comfy cushions and cosy furniture. Customization is welcomed as the the potential and possibilities are almost unlimited.

  • Mats
  • Seating Elements

We have a range of fun products for our furry friends – offering a variety of pet care items from mats to blankets. Our Cats N’ Dogs product line was developed and designed with pets’ daily activities in mind. The line includes a variety of mats and cushy pillows to give our most beloved friends a comfortable, cozy environment.

Our kitchen collection includes mats, dish drying mats and towels with kitchen-oriented designed textiles, for high efficiency and great style. Available in individuals or matching sets in various colors, patterns and designs.

Our bath set collection includes recycled textile cloths and floor mats which come in a wide variety of designs. They are available in the original sets or in a combination of Mix and Match.

Clean N' Dry Set

Our collection of home textiles includes a unique collection of lightweight mats designed for a soft and pleasant outdoor living experience.

One of our specialties is manufacturing non-woven geotechnical (Geotextile) fabrics. We supply leading construction and infrastructure companies with a wide range of sheeting in various weights, for preparing and sealing water conservation, reinforcement of roads’ asphalt structure, reinforced embankments and retaining walls, agriculture, gardening and much more.

In addition, we sell DIY products for various purposes.