Project Description

Kakadu at Aderet
Kakadu by Aderet

Kakadu Art and Design, was created in 1990 by husband and wife artist team Aharon and Reut Shahar – he a master carpenter, she a multidisciplinary artist.

Kakadu is a marriage of talents that produce functional artistic items, that will become unique interior design features in your home. There are more than 100 different products, including trays, mirrors, carpets, placemats, office accessories, furniture, and stationery items. Each item is handcrafted and hand painted with a signature Kakadu art motif, and lacquered to perfection for water resistance and long term durability. Throughout the process — from the selection of wood to quality inspection — Kakadu is committed to recycling and conservation. Environmentally friendly furniture and accessories are the result.

If you seek hand painted furniture or unique gifts from Israel, our handcrafted wooden products are a delight. You are very welcome to explore the stories behind our colorful art motifs and meet our talented Israeli artists by visiting the studio in The Ella Valley in Israel.